About Timepiece

Mayburn is a simple place, quiet & peaceful. A city where Cats and Humans have learned to exist in harmony and cooperation. However, young Toasty McToast discovers that there’s more to his home than he originally assumed. Now with the help of his new friend Lilly, they must uncover the secrets surrounding the foundation of their world, and prevent the impending collapse of time and space itself.

About The Author/Artist

Hey hey! I’m Isaac, though some people call me Toasty* or just Caasib**. I’m an amateur Author and Artist in Herriman, Utah.

I’ve always enjoyed creating stories. There’s something special about forming bits and pieces of an idea together to form a whole world. I’ve been an amateur writer for most of my life, and it’s only been over the past few years that I’ve started seriously drawing.

This Webcomic has been something I’ve been wanting to create for a long time now. I’ve always loved animal characters, and I love detailed science fiction and fantasy stories. Therefore I thought of the idea of a world where both humans and animals were sentient species and what kind of society that would create. This eventually developed into Timepiece, a fantastical story where worlds collide to shake the very fabric of reality.

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and someone deeply interested in the science of how our world works, I draw a lot of inspiration booth from spiritual doctrine and scientific ideas. I hope to be able to create stories that can both entertain and make you think. All while being accessible and enjoyable to a broad age range.

I hope that you’ll be able to enjoy Timepiece and it’s world as much as I do! Thanks for reading!

— Isaac N. Bartlett

*No relation to the character Toasty McToast, that’s not even his real name anyways.

**Yes that’s just my name backwards, pronounced [kas-EYE-BEE]

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q ) What’s this comic about?
    • A ) Timepiece is about a world where humans and human-like cats have learned to co-exist with another. The story follows Toasty McToast and Lillian Catrovan who discover that there are many things about themselves and their world that they have yet to understand.
  • Q ) When do you update?
    • A ) Updates should come every 2-3 weeks. However, I am a busy college student, so my time is limited. Updates may be inconsistent or infrequent. Thanks for your patience.
  • Q ) How can I be notified of updates?
    • A ) Best place to follow my socials. I’ll usually kick a post out once I’ve launched an new episode. Plus you’ll get to see all the random art and progress sketches I make inbetween!
    • You can find them here: https://linktr.ee/caasib
  • Q ) Where else can I read the comic?
    • A ) Besides TimepieceComic.com, it’s available on both Webtoon and Tapas.
  • Q ) How long does it take you to finish an episode?
    • A ) Depending on the length and complexity of the episode, it can take over 26+ hours to complete
  • Q ) How do you make each episode?
    • A ) First I write a script breaking down each panel into dialogue and what kinds of shots I want to draw. Then I thumbnail the panels in my sketchbook. After that I sketch the contents of each panel on paper and scan them onto my laptop.
  • Q ) What supplies/software/hardware do you use?
    • Currently I sketch using a 2h pencil. I use Krita on my 2-in-1 Lenovo Flex 15 laptop with the Action Pen 2. Currently looking into drawing monitor options. (Gotta get that paper feel!)
  • Q ) When do all the time travel shenanigans happen?
    • A ) Yeesh! Patience! We’re getting there, don’t you worry.
  • Q ) Do you do tutorials?
    • A ) Not currently, but it’s on my laundry list of things to do. I still feel like a super beginner, but I feel like I could offer some resources to people just barely trying to break into art.
  • Q ) You draw Cats! Are you a Furry?
    • A ) Yes, I’m a Furry. Though it’s important that we’re using the same definition here. I’m a furry in the sense that I think that anthropomorphic animal characters (especially cats) are really cool and neat, and I make art and comics about them. Outside of that, I’m not directly associated with the Furry fandom nor am I involved with anything NSFW or sexual commonly associated with the fandom. (Though In my experience and observations this is largely an unfair and inaccurate stereotype for a large portion of Furries. Y’all are great 😊)
  • Q ) Why cats?
    • A ) ‘Cuz they’re cool! I’ve always liked drawing lil’ cat dudes, which made me wonder how human-like cats would mesh with modern society. Thus Timepiece Cats were born! From a storytelling standpoint, having some characters be Cats is useful because they don’t have a direct allegory to a specific racial or social group in the real world. That makes the character a blank slate that anyone can relate to.
  • Q ) Do you do commissions?
    • A ) Sometimes. Since my time is mostly taken up by College and creating this webcomic, it can be hard for me to find time to do commissions or other art that doesn’t relate directly to this project. I usually announce them on my social medias so Follow my instagram (@Caasib) to get updates. More info about commissions and TOS can be found in my LinkTree: https://linktr.ee/caasib
  • Q ) Do you have a Discord? / Where can I nerd out about Cats and Time Travel?
    • A ) I recently opened a small Discord server for Timepiece! Here you can post your art, ask questions, and interact with other cool cats. You can also receive real time updates on the current episode’s progress and view drawing streams.
    • Join the Discord Here: https://discord.gg/JF2m2cUKhu